It’s Game Day ! 

It’s Game Day ! 

It’s game day and you all know what that means…. Buffalo Sauce inspired food! We love game day as much as we love buffalo sauce. 

That creamy, velvety, spicy, neon orange, goodness will leave you wanting more. Mmmm 

In case you didn’t know buffalo sauce isn’t just for wings. Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce can be used as a marinade for any cut of beef, chicken or pork, on seafood, as a dip, mixed with mayo for sandwiches and wraps or by the spoonful 😂

We are in the process of creating a new flavour Buffalo Blueberry! I am excited for this one for 2 reasons, first of all it’s going to be delicious and secondly it’s now our 7 th flavour. 

What every you are cooking for game day make sure it’s Dunn Right your guests will thank you  

Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce is not responsible for your new addiction to buffalo sauce.

 Eating Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce may cause you to put buffalo sauce on everything you eat. 

You may find yourself wondering what else can you put buffalo sauce on? 

You will want your friends to try Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce.

You most definitley will crave buffalo sauce.

You may dream about buffalo sauce.  

 We reserve the right to make food spicy everywhere.

Ghosts, Pumpkins and Fall. 

Ghosts, Pumpkins and Fall. 

Hello Buffalo Sauce Fans ! 

The cooler days of Fall are upon us, we absolutely love this time of year. Football, Bonfires, leaves changing and of course Hallowe’en (which is my favourite). 

Let’s start with the pumpkins, we have brought back Buffalo Pumpkin and as always it’s a hit. Our first batch of it sold out in less than 12 hours! Don’t worry if you missed out more is on the way next week and will be available well into November. 

This sauce can be used on chicken, pork, fish, as a dip or by the spoonful 😂 The flavour is out of this world,  trust me your taste buds will thank you. 

Annnnnd the Ghosts ! 

For all of our extreme heat lovers and the love of all things spicy I have created a special small batch using Ghost Peppers! 

I have to admit I am a little scared to work with these after all my hands were on fire 3 days after working with the Red Savina Habaneros coming in at 577,000 SHU. The Ghost Pepper boasts 1,041,427 SHU😳🔥.  We have named this Sauce “Boo”ffalo Ghost this Spicy gem will be available late next week. 

We have a few more exciting things coming up, there is lots in the works behind the scenes and we will update you as things get finalized. 

There are just a few weekends left to get your sauce at Great Bear Camping in Bear Island. This weeks flavours are The Original and Buffalo Pumpkin. Pop on my and see us if you are here, in the mean time. 

Stay tuned and Stay Spicy 🌶

Hello September 

Hello September 

It’s seems that the chilly days of fall have arrived, time for bonfires, hoodies, sweaters, football, comfort food and well of course Buffalo Sauce. 

Ahh yes Bufffalo Sauce that neon orange, spicy, comforting sauce that feels so bad but so right at the same time. Mmmm 

Nothing warms up your insides more that some nice spicy Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce. The Sauce that’s good on it own, as a marinade, a dip, and as a condiment the possibilities are truly endless. 

Did you know it’s also good for colds ? It absolutely is, when we are congested or have sore throats this is our go to remedy.  
Check out the article I wrote last year.

 Buffalo Sauce for your cold?

We will be enjoying this long weekend by spending time with friends and family, creating some new recipes to add to this space,             (found in the Dinner Dunn Right catagory) and working on our newest Sauce. 

We also have a great contest going on all you have to do is subscribe to our blog 

What’s Cooking ? 

For a chance to win a bottle of our Buffalo Pumpkin, the Original and of course our newest creation, Plus a basting brush. 

The draw will be October 1.

What ever you do this weekend Stay Spicy 🌶 

Contests, Peppers and Trending oh my! 

Contests, Peppers and Trending oh my! 

Hello Buffalo Sauce Fans !

We hope you are all fantastic on this beautiful Thursday. Your faithful Saucier is down for the count today due to a bee sting. Yes a bee sting I am allergic and well we have a love hate relationship. I love that they pollinate my peppers but hate when they sting 😂

On a different note  #dunnrightbuffalosauce is trending! Kinda awesome right?

Check out the picture below. It has been used on 1,558,934 posts. We are completely humbled by this, to have so many people talking about a Sauce that I almost didn’t even bother making for the public.

Could you imagine?

Everyday I hear from new people trying this Spicy little sauce I created and it brings me so much joy. I absolutely love seeing what they are using it on, I must admit the XXX Buffalo on top of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is the topper so far. Which reminds me I still need to try that.

As we shift into our busy season aka Football Season, we are beyond thrilled that our peppers are ready. As you can see they are beautiful and bountiful.

Just gorgeous !

We are about to launch our newest Sauce that will be packed with intense heat plus all the flavour of our other sauces. I am still toying with the name of this little gem I was thinking of something funny like the ” Buff Me That’s Hot ! ” as previously announced but I am thinking another direction for the name. I guess you guys will find out when I do 😂

Annnnnd the contest …. ” Fall into Spicy”

Simply subscribe to this blog either through WordPress or email ( there are subscribe options at the bottom of the site) for a chance to win.

The prize ?

Dunn Right Buffalo Pumpkin, Our New hottest Sauce, The Original and a basting brush and Bowl.

Winner will be picked out of the subscribers.

Draw will be October 1

Stay Spicy 🌶

Have you missed us ?

Have you missed us ?

Good Morning Buffalo Sauce Fans! 

It’s been a while since we have written here but let’s get caught up shall we? Where to begin…

We have new bottles as pictured about we have been getting lots of great feedback about them. 

We have new retail partners too! 

We have recently added Jacobsons Gourmet Concepts in Ottawa, Victory Meats in Fredericton, Tidal Treasures at Hopewell Rocks, and Doyle Corporate Image in Moncton. We are also just finishing up the listing process with Dovetail Collections in Ottawa! 

Our Cookbook is actually going to be not a book but available on line as a category on this space under ” Dinner Dunn Right” 

and finally our newest Sauce ” Buff Me that’s hot!” Made with Trinidad Scorpion Peppers will be available shortly.

So as you can see we have been very busy behind the scenes! 

Suscribe to our ” What’s Cooking” blog for new recipes and articles. 

What ever you do today 

Stay Spicy 🌶 

150 for Canada’s 150th !!!

150 for Canada’s 150th !!!

Hello Buffalo Sauce Fans!

It been a bit since we have written but not without good reason, you see we have been ramping up for BBQ season, scouting new locations and getting ready to ship out to Longo’s in Ontario.

We have listened you your requests and our spicy, little sauces are in the process of expanding into Cambridge, Cornwall, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Montreal, Ottawa, and Whitby, with the addition of these locations we will be in 150 stores by the end of Summer. Keep an eye on our retail partners tab on our website for new locations to be announced soon.

We also have some more great news our Salve Dunn Right  will be available in Select stores and spas throughout Canada! We will post locations within the next few weeks.


This time of growth is so exciting!

Being able to ship our sauces across Canada and hearing how much people love it, is truly humbling.

I must admit I am pretty excited about being in 150 Stores for Canada’s 150th birthday 🎉





No garbage just good stuff

No garbage just good stuff

We take pride in our sauces and our ingredients, after all your products are only as good as what you put in them.

Right ?

As you can see from our labels we put only good stuff in our sauces, our only preservative is vinegar and all of our ingredients are gluten free.

We strive to bring you as many local ingredients as possible by using Dairy Town Butter made fresh in the heart of New Brunswick’s Dairy  Region, All of our spices come from GE Barbour out of Sussex, NB, Our garlic is locally grown and we use only the freshest of peppers.

All of these wonderful ingredients are hand crafted into the rich, spicy, neon orange, sauces that you purchase today.

I have been told what makes my sauces so delicious is the passion I have for my craft, that people can taste the love I put in every batch and bottle.

Maybe that is truly the most special of my ingredients 😊


Erica Dunn ~ Owner and Sacier


Contact Information

Hello Buffalo Sauce Fans!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend filled with family, friends and food, Lord knows we have had enough rain !

Just a quick little update:

We have a new phone number 506-233-5426 if you have questions or would like to become a retail partner feel free to call or text us during regular business hours. ( M-F 10am – 6pm)

You can also reach us through our contact us tab on our blog

or on our website

Did you know our blog was interactive?

Well it sure is 😊

We love hearing from our fans and welcome your comments on our articles.

Have a wonderful evening.

Erica and Nick Dunn