Our Products

We thought we would share a little about our products and packaging. Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce is handcrafted in small batches to ensure intense flavour and quality. Featured in our classy easy to pour bottles all dressed up with heat seal lids and security seals.

They are almost to pretty for a label 😂

Many may not know what’s involved in producing a delicious product like ours. C.F.I.A. and public health have strict guidelines, over where your products are made and labelling.

We rent a class 5 kitchen to manufacture our products, fill and heat seal our bottles. Our labels have all of our ingredients, nutritional value table, and our contact information them.

We had all our sauces tested for our ingredients, nutritional value also for any bacterial growth. Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce has a very low PH Factor and does not require refrigeration before or after opening. Based on shelf life testing our products are good for 6 months after opening.
This is because our only preservative is vinegar.

6 months you say ?
Oh don’t worry it never lasts that long 😂

We chose the heat seal lid and security seal, For you our faithful customers know you are getting a fresh quality product. Our spicy neon orange sauces will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Did you know it’s only 70 calories per serving ? !Guilt free snacking here we come !
Give it a try with your favourite veggies.

Oh and it’s gluten free 😉

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