I have been making my Buffalo Sauce for well over 20 years! For all that time I have never seen it for more than something I made for friends or when ever I wanted wings. It wasn’t until February of 2015 when I decided to make my hobby into a business. 

The first official batch of Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce was made on February 28, 2015. It consisted of only 6 jars with handwritten tags. I now smile when I think back to what an exciting this time was. I honestly thought I lost all these pictures when I got my new phone. 
Thank goodness for Google Photos ! 

I didn’t even know my pictures were still backing up to there, Google photos for the win. 

We have grown so much since that time, now each batch consists of 96 bottles, big pots and bigger spoons! 
I love where this sauce has taken me. It was shown me that I can over come any obstacle and that nothing is ever going to stand in my way. It has helped me test my limits and set new goals for myself. Mostly it has shown me dreams can come true. 
Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce is now a way of life and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next ! 

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