Happy Friday!

Great days start with a good cuppa coffee and a plan. The plan today is to get things in order for next week. Confirm orders, scout new retail partners and follow up with our current ones. 

The sun is shining the birds are chirping and I am looking forward to our chicken wing cookout tonight with my husband, mother in law and friends. 

This week has been all about Ontario our sauces can’t stay on the shelves out there. We are so grateful for the back home support and I’m sure it helps that our sauces are so delicious.  I’d say I might be biased but I’m really not they are really that good. 

Have you tried them? 

You should try them, they don’t disappoint 😉

We have officially launched our Buffalo Hickory and we will be integrating it into more stores next week. 

Our line up looks pretty amazing right now check it out. 

Five flavours of neon orange goodness. Mmm

Our peppers are growing so fast and we will be replanting the rest of them this weekend. The 8 habanero species and the cayennes are loving the sunshine that comes in through the windows. 

Soon we will place them outside for some time during the day to get them stronger for planting in their permanent spots. I am thinking garden boxes is the way to go this year. 

Grilling season is upon us and we have found that our sauces are all we need for everything from a dip to a marinade. 

When you think BBQ think Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce cause remember …..

If it’s not Dunn Right it’s Done Wrong

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