Under the Pines

Hello Buffalo Sauce Fans !

Well it has been a busy few weeks, we have officially completed the orders for the 31 new Longo’s locations and they are ready to be shipped at the beginning of June.

Erica was recently diagnosed with a Central Nervous System Disorder. Which has made us reconstruct our process and we will be like a well oiled machine again in no time.  This will no way affect production, or the shipping of our products.

Don’t worry nothing will stop her !

We have just added 2 new locations to our retail partners:

Your Independent Grocer in Nackawic, NB 

Great Bear Camping in Bear Island, NB where we can be found Under the Pines in the C section. This location allows us to showcase Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce in a whole different way, with samples, potlucks, BBQ’s and retail sales.


If you are looking for a getaway that has spectacular views and Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce you need to book a weekend at Great Bear Camping!


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