150 for Canada’s 150th !!!

Hello Buffalo Sauce Fans!

It been a bit since we have written but not without good reason, you see we have been ramping up for BBQ season, scouting new locations and getting ready to ship out to Longo’s in Ontario.

We have listened you your requests and our spicy, little sauces are in the process of expanding into Cambridge, Cornwall, Kingston, Kitchener, London, Montreal, Ottawa, and Whitby, with the addition of these locations we will be in 150 stores by the end of Summer. Keep an eye on our retail partners tab on our website for new locations to be announced soon.

We also have some more great news our Salve Dunn Right  will be available in Select stores and spas throughout Canada! We will post locations within the next few weeks.


This time of growth is so exciting!

Being able to ship our sauces across Canada and hearing how much people love it, is truly humbling.

I must admit I am pretty excited about being in 150 Stores for Canada’s 150th birthday 🎉





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