Contests, Peppers and Trending oh my! 

Contests, Peppers and Trending oh my! 

Hello Buffalo Sauce Fans !

We hope you are all fantastic on this beautiful Thursday. Your faithful Saucier is down for the count today due to a bee sting. Yes a bee sting I am allergic and well we have a love hate relationship. I love that they pollinate my peppers but hate when they sting 😂

On a different note  #dunnrightbuffalosauce is trending! Kinda awesome right?

Check out the picture below. It has been used on 1,558,934 posts. We are completely humbled by this, to have so many people talking about a Sauce that I almost didn’t even bother making for the public.

Could you imagine?

Everyday I hear from new people trying this Spicy little sauce I created and it brings me so much joy. I absolutely love seeing what they are using it on, I must admit the XXX Buffalo on top of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is the topper so far. Which reminds me I still need to try that.

As we shift into our busy season aka Football Season, we are beyond thrilled that our peppers are ready. As you can see they are beautiful and bountiful.

Just gorgeous !

We are about to launch our newest Sauce that will be packed with intense heat plus all the flavour of our other sauces. I am still toying with the name of this little gem I was thinking of something funny like the ” Buff Me That’s Hot ! ” as previously announced but I am thinking another direction for the name. I guess you guys will find out when I do 😂

Annnnnd the contest …. ” Fall into Spicy”

Simply subscribe to this blog either through WordPress or email ( there are subscribe options at the bottom of the site) for a chance to win.

The prize ?

Dunn Right Buffalo Pumpkin, Our New hottest Sauce, The Original and a basting brush and Bowl.

Winner will be picked out of the subscribers.

Draw will be October 1

Stay Spicy 🌶

Have you missed us ?

Have you missed us ?

Good Morning Buffalo Sauce Fans! 

It’s been a while since we have written here but let’s get caught up shall we? Where to begin…

We have new bottles as pictured about we have been getting lots of great feedback about them. 

We have new retail partners too! 

We have recently added Jacobsons Gourmet Concepts in Ottawa, Victory Meats in Fredericton, Tidal Treasures at Hopewell Rocks, and Doyle Corporate Image in Moncton. We are also just finishing up the listing process with Dovetail Collections in Ottawa! 

Our Cookbook is actually going to be not a book but available on line as a category on this space under ” Dinner Dunn Right” 

and finally our newest Sauce ” Buff Me that’s hot!” Made with Trinidad Scorpion Peppers will be available shortly.

So as you can see we have been very busy behind the scenes! 

Suscribe to our ” What’s Cooking” blog for new recipes and articles. 

What ever you do today 

Stay Spicy 🌶