Have you missed us ?

Good Morning Buffalo Sauce Fans! 

It’s been a while since we have written here but let’s get caught up shall we? Where to begin…

We have new bottles as pictured about we have been getting lots of great feedback about them. 

We have new retail partners too! 

We have recently added Jacobsons Gourmet Concepts in Ottawa, Victory Meats in Fredericton, Tidal Treasures at Hopewell Rocks, and Doyle Corporate Image in Moncton. We are also just finishing up the listing process with Dovetail Collections in Ottawa! 

Our Cookbook is actually going to be not a book but available on line as a category on this space under ” Dinner Dunn Right” 

and finally our newest Sauce ” Buff Me that’s hot!” Made with Trinidad Scorpion Peppers will be available shortly.

So as you can see we have been very busy behind the scenes! 

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What ever you do today 

Stay Spicy 🌶 

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