Hello September 

It’s seems that the chilly days of fall have arrived, time for bonfires, hoodies, sweaters, football, comfort food and well of course Buffalo Sauce. 

Ahh yes Bufffalo Sauce that neon orange, spicy, comforting sauce that feels so bad but so right at the same time. Mmmm 

Nothing warms up your insides more that some nice spicy Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce. The Sauce that’s good on it own, as a marinade, a dip, and as a condiment the possibilities are truly endless. 

Did you know it’s also good for colds ? It absolutely is, when we are congested or have sore throats this is our go to remedy.  
Check out the article I wrote last year.

 Buffalo Sauce for your cold?

We will be enjoying this long weekend by spending time with friends and family, creating some new recipes to add to this space,             (found in the Dinner Dunn Right catagory) and working on our newest Sauce. 

We also have a great contest going on all you have to do is subscribe to our blog 

What’s Cooking ? 

For a chance to win a bottle of our Buffalo Pumpkin, the Original and of course our newest creation, Plus a basting brush. 

The draw will be October 1.

What ever you do this weekend Stay Spicy 🌶 

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