Have you missed us ?

Have you missed us ?

Good Morning Buffalo Sauce Fans! 

It’s been a while since we have written here but let’s get caught up shall we? Where to begin…

We have new bottles as pictured about we have been getting lots of great feedback about them. 

We have new retail partners too! 

We have recently added Jacobsons Gourmet Concepts in Ottawa, Victory Meats in Fredericton, Tidal Treasures at Hopewell Rocks, and Doyle Corporate Image in Moncton. We are also just finishing up the listing process with Dovetail Collections in Ottawa! 

Our Cookbook is actually going to be not a book but available on line as a category on this space under ” Dinner Dunn Right” 

and finally our newest Sauce ” Buff Me that’s hot!” Made with Trinidad Scorpion Peppers will be available shortly.

So as you can see we have been very busy behind the scenes! 

Suscribe to our ” What’s Cooking” blog for new recipes and articles. 

What ever you do today 

Stay Spicy đŸŒ¶ 

No garbage just good stuff

No garbage just good stuff

We take pride in our sauces and our ingredients, after all your products are only as good as what you put in them.

Right ?

As you can see from our labels we put only good stuff in our sauces, our only preservative is vinegar and all of our ingredients are gluten free.

We strive to bring you as many local ingredients as possible by using Dairy Town Butter made fresh in the heart of New Brunswick’s Dairy  Region, All of our spices come from GE Barbour out of Sussex, NB, Our garlic is locally grown and we use only the freshest of peppers.

All of these wonderful ingredients are hand crafted into the rich, spicy, neon orange, sauces that you purchase today.

I have been told what makes my sauces so delicious is the passion I have for my craft, that people can taste the love I put in every batch and bottle.

Maybe that is truly the most special of my ingredients 😊


Erica Dunn ~ Owner and Sacier


Our Sauces and Partners 

Our Sauces and Partners 

Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce is handcrafted in small batches to ensure intense flavour and quality. Each bottle of our sauces is manually filled and labeled to give you that homemade taste right from your local grocer.

We now offer 5 flavours Mild Buffalo, The Original, Buffalo Cranberry, Smoked Hickory and XXX Buffalo. Our sauces are available in 53 locations throughout Atlantic Canada, and Ontario.

What to know where to buy ?


Fort Erie ~ Wines with a Twist ~1243 Garrison Rd

Hamilton ~ LOCOCOS ~ 2371 Barton Street

Hamilton ~ LOCOCOS ~ 400 Nebo Rd

Niagara Falls ~ The Meat Shoppe ~ 4725 Dorchester Rd

St. Catharines ~ Country Corner Market ~ 595 Carlton Street

Thorld ~ John’s Meat Shop ~ 28 Pine Street

Welland ~ Country Corner Market ~ 686 Quaker Rd

New Brunswick

Bathurst ~ Sobeys ~ Bathurst ~ 1125 St Peter Ave

Belledune ~ Foodland ~ 3917 Main Street

Campbellton ~ Sobeys ~ 140 Roseberry Ave

Dieppe ~ Sobeys ~ Champlain Mall ~ 477 Paul St

Dieppe ~ Sobeys ~ Regis Street ~ 501 Rue Regis

Fredericton ~ Artful Persuasion ~ 80 York Street

Fredericton ~ Sobeys ~ Brookside Mall ~ 463 Brookside Dr

Fredericton ~ Sobeys ~ Fredericton Mall ~ 1150 Prospect St

Fredericton ~ Sobeys ~ Regent St ~ 407 Regent Street

Grand Bay Westfield ~ Sobeys ~ 3701 Westfield Rd

Hillsborough ~ Freshmart ~ 2842 Main St

Miramichi ~ Sobeys ~ Douglas Town ~ 2485 King George Hwy

Miramichi ~ Sobeys ~ New Castle ~ 273 Pleasant St

Moncton ~ DOLMA Foods ~ 110 St George Street

Moncton ~ Moncton Fish Market ~ 211 St George Street

Moncton ~ Old Fashion Meat Market ~ 1855 Mountain Rd

Moncton ~ Sobeys ~ Elmwood ~ 77 Filles de Jesus Ave

Moncton ~ Sobeys ~ Mountain Rd ~ 1380 Mountain Rd

Moncton ~ Sobeys ~ Vaughan Harvey ~ 55 Vaughan Harvey Blvd

Moncton ~ Starving Artist Café ~ 80 Assomption Blvd

Oromocto ~ Sobeys ~ 375 Miramichi Rd

Petitcodiac ~ Foodland ~ 33 Main Street

Riverview ~ Briggs Maples ~ 391 Coverdale Rd

Riverview ~ Old Time Meat Market ~ 121 Pine Glen Rd

Riverview ~ Sobeys ~ Riverview ~ 1160 Findlay Blvd

Rothesay ~ Sobeys ~ 140 Hampton Rd

Sackville ~ Foodland ~ 11 Wright Street

Saint John West ~ Sobeys ~ 149 Lansdowne Ave

Shediac ~ Sobeys ~ Shediac ~ 183 Main Street

Sussex ~ Sobeys ~ Sussex ~ 138 Main Street

Quispamsis ~ Foodland ~ 1 Market St

Woodstock ~ Sobeys ~ 370 Connell Rd


Nova Scotia

Amherst ~ Sobeys Amherst ~ 142 S Albion St.

Bedford ~ Sobeys Bedford ~ 955 Bedford Hwy

Coldbrook ~ Foodland ~ 6637 Hwy 1

Dartmouth ~ Sobeys Wyse Rd ~ 210 Wyse Rd

Halifax ~ Sobeys Bedford South ~ 55 Parkview Way

Halifax ~ Sobeys Clayton Park ~ 287 Lacewood Dr

Halifax ~ Sobeys Herring Cove ~ 279 Herring Cove Rd

Halifax ~ Sobeys North & Windsor ~ 2651 Windsor St

Halifax ~ Sobeys Queen St ~ 1120 Queen Street

Lunenburg ~ Foodland ~ 250 Montague

Parrsboro ~ Crossroads Co-Op ~ 228 Main Street

Pugwash ~ Pugwash Co-Op ~ Durham Street

Springhill ~ Foodland ~ 21 Main Street

 Prince Edward Island

Morell ~ Morell Consumers Co-Op ~ 7691 St Peters Rd

If you are local to the Greater Moncton Area Five Bridges Bar and Grill in Riverview features our XXX Buffalo Sauce on their menu.

Not in your area? Not to worry we are adding more locations in the very near future.

Stay tuned for our big announcement!

Our Products

Our Products

We thought we would share a little about our products and packaging. Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce is handcrafted in small batches to ensure intense flavour and quality. Featured in our classy easy to pour bottles all dressed up with heat seal lids and security seals.

They are almost to pretty for a label 😂

Many may not know what’s involved in producing a delicious product like ours. C.F.I.A. and public health have strict guidelines, over where your products are made and labelling.

We rent a class 5 kitchen to manufacture our products, fill and heat seal our bottles. Our labels have all of our ingredients, nutritional value table, and our contact information them.

We had all our sauces tested for our ingredients, nutritional value also for any bacterial growth. Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce has a very low PH Factor and does not require refrigeration before or after opening. Based on shelf life testing our products are good for 6 months after opening.
This is because our only preservative is vinegar.

6 months you say ?
Oh don’t worry it never lasts that long 😂

We chose the heat seal lid and security seal, For you our faithful customers know you are getting a fresh quality product. Our spicy neon orange sauces will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Did you know it’s only 70 calories per serving ? !Guilt free snacking here we come !
Give it a try with your favourite veggies.

Oh and it’s gluten free 😉



I have been making my Buffalo Sauce for well over 20 years! For all that time I have never seen it for more than something I made for friends or when ever I wanted wings. It wasn’t until February of 2015 when I decided to make my hobby into a business. 

The first official batch of Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce was made on February 28, 2015. It consisted of only 6 jars with handwritten tags. I now smile when I think back to what an exciting this time was. I honestly thought I lost all these pictures when I got my new phone. 
Thank goodness for Google Photos ! 

I didn’t even know my pictures were still backing up to there, Google photos for the win. 

We have grown so much since that time, now each batch consists of 96 bottles, big pots and bigger spoons! 
I love where this sauce has taken me. It was shown me that I can over come any obstacle and that nothing is ever going to stand in my way. It has helped me test my limits and set new goals for myself. Mostly it has shown me dreams can come true. 
Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce is now a way of life and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next ! 

Something New !

Something New !

Hello Buffalo Sauce Fans! 

We would like to welcome you to our WordPress site. We thought we would make it a bit easier for you to find our recipes and articles. 

This space is not only connected to our website under ” What’s Cooking ?” but you can also follow us on WordPress. 

Awesome Right ? 

Over the next few days we will be loading all of our delicious recipes. Any previous articles we have written will be moved here as well. 

This platform is more user friendly than our previous blog. 

So give us a follow and you will be notified every time there is a new delicious recipe or an interesting article. 

Happy Reading

Is hot sauce the same as Buffalo Sauce ?

Is hot sauce the same as Buffalo Sauce ?

The answer ?

Absolutely not !

There is no mistaking Buffalo Sauce once you have had that spicy neon orange sauce there is no going back.

Besides the obvious difference as you can see in the picture on the left hot sauce on the right is Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce. Hot sauce tends to be used as an additive to spicy things up like drinks, chili and tacos. You can add it to a marinade but not as a marinade itself. While Buffalo Sauce is actually made from a hot sauce and is in a completely different league because well nothing compares to Buffalo Sauce.

Why you ask?

Well I’ll tell you !

Buffalo Sauce is a thick creamy sauce that covers your food in a neon orange sea of deliciousness. It can be used obviously on wings but also as a marinade for beef, chicken and pork, in dips, on eggs, in casseroles, and don’t even get me started on Buffalo Shrimp and Buffalo Salmon. The possibilities are endless.

At Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce we created a Buffalo Sauce of our own. All of our sauces are handcrafted in small batches to create a very unique flavour that will leave your taste buds wanting more.
So go ahead make your taste buds happy



Welcome to our blog spot I thought I would take the time to tell you a little bit about Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce.

Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce Inc. is a family run business, established in February of 2015. Erica & Nick Dunn began their journey into the gourmet sauce world.

They started out making “The Original” sauce for friends and family. As demand grew so did their batches, pots and spoons! Erica started selling “The Original” sauce at the Moncton Farmers Market and online.

Their signature sauce was such a hit, they created other flavours. Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce now has 5 flavours Mild Buffalo, The Original, Buffalo Cranberry, Buffalo Hickory and XXX Buffalo.

Each batch of Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce is Handcrafted in small batches to ensure intense flavour. Each bottle is manually filled, sealed and labelled to ensure quality.

In July of 2016 Erica and Nick attended the Trending Expo in Springhill, NS. It was at this event that Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce was discovered.

In August of 2016 Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce landed on the shelves of Foodland stores in Atlantic Canada.

In November of 2016 they expanded into Ontario.

As of February 2017 Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce can be found on the shelves of Sobeys stores in Atlantic Canada.

Today we are proud to say Dunn Right Buffalo Sauce can be found in over 50 stores across Canada.