No garbage just good stuff

No garbage just good stuff

We take pride in our sauces and our ingredients, after all your products are only as good as what you put in them.

Right ?

As you can see from our labels we put only good stuff in our sauces, our only preservative is vinegar and all of our ingredients are gluten free.

We strive to bring you as many local ingredients as possible by using Dairy Town Butter made fresh in the heart of New Brunswick’s Dairy  Region, All of our spices come from GE Barbour out of Sussex, NB, Our garlic is locally grown and we use only the freshest of peppers.

All of these wonderful ingredients are hand crafted into the rich, spicy, neon orange, sauces that you purchase today.

I have been told what makes my sauces so delicious is the passion I have for my craft, that people can taste the love I put in every batch and bottle.

Maybe that is truly the most special of my ingredients 😊


Erica Dunn ~ Owner and Sacier